Our Mission

The Healing Way is responsible for provoding outpatient treatment to community members with substance use disorder, mental health conditions, and co-occurring disorders as well as specialized understanding of the needs the re-entry population. Our programs are tailored to be holistic, comprehensive, and individualized for all participants in treatment with us, the true premise of person centered treatment. Our foundation is built on treating each individual entering our programs with dignity, respect, compassion, and most of all to promote hope and focus on healing. Our participants are involved in all aspects of their integrative care, and our clinicians prioritize understanding the underlying causes of client’s behavioral health problems by focusing on socio-economic histories, past traumas, medical and mental health problems, legal issues, job problems, living arrangements, and family dynamics.

  1. Individual therapy
  2.  Group counseling
  3. Relapse Prevention
  4. Meditation and relaxation skills
  5. Lifestyle skills
  6. Coping skills
  7. Medication Management and monitoring
  8. Psychiatric evaluations
  9. Vocational support
  10. Symptom management